Top 7 Mistakes Rookie Real Estate Agents Make

Top Mistakes Rookie Real Estate Agents Make

Real estate agents are expected to know the rules of the real estate game. When it comes to rookie agents, mistakes are common and they need to be aware of them in order not to jeopardize their career before they even start. Nevertheless, there’s a good chance that this won’t happen if you follow these top mistakes beginners make:

1) Being impatient about making money is one of the most common mistakes new real estate agents do. It takes time for them to become established enough so they can generate income with ease. They think that by joining an agency, they will earn money right away without having any relevant experience or knowledge they need later on down the road- when they start making less than $10/hour.

2) Another mistake new real estate agents do is that they underestimate just how much they need to know in order to be able to sell homes successfully. They think they can learn everything while working on the job, but unfortunately, the company doesn’t have enough time and resources for them to learn everything there is about real estate (tax laws, financing, zoning restrictions, etc.). While it might seem like an easy job at first glance, it requires a lot of knowledge and experience- something rookie agents don’t possess. That’s why they get anxious when faced with new challenges; things they simply don’t know or aren’t familiar with yet. 3) Not prepping their listings is also one of the rookie mistakes. The company will provide the listing details (photos, property’s location, etc.), but it’s up to them to prepare their home for sale. While preparing the place, they need to make sure that everything is in place. It shouldn’t look like a dump or outdated; otherwise, even if their client will fall in love with the house at first sight, they won’t be able to afford its purchase.

4) Not asking questions about anything is another mistake new real estate agents do. They think that by not asking any questions, they will appear as self-reliable and experienced individuals who don’t need help from anyone else. However, this isn’t the best idea because it only makes the gap of knowledge between them and their superiors even wider. This gap will become a problem later on down the road when they have more responsibilities, tasks, etc. to deal with.

5) Another mistake rookie real estate agents do is that they neglect their listing presentation. They think that uploading photos, signing some papers, and putting up a lockbox is enough for them to land a deal with buyers. However, this isn’t the case because changing market conditions require listings to be presented in a better way- one that can attract potential clients’ attention easily at first sight. Having good photos taken by professionals is one of the ways they can achieve business success easier later on down the road.

6) Another rookie mistake is failure to ask for assistance when it’s needed. Real estate agents are expected to be self-reliant individuals who are capable of doing anything on their own. However, even the most experienced professionals need assistance sometimes, so if they fail to ask for it, chances are that they’ll end up getting into more trouble later on down the road because of this.

7) Not using technology that can simplify work for them is another rookie mistake. They think that since technology can make things worse during the first months of service, there’s no reason to use new technologies. For example, not taking advantage of MLS search tools means not being able to find houses their clients might be interested in buying. That’s why it’s important for rookies to understand that using new technologies is the only way they can simplify their work later on down the road.

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